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Learn to Implement Advanced SEO Strategies and Tactics that are Typically Reserved for BIG Budgets
No fee or obligation, just a phone call.

You get BIG SEO results on a tiny budget with this customized, advanced SEO blueprint and coaching program designed specifically for your business.

Receive direct access to all of the SEO knowledge, experience and instincts that get poured into our development of your SEO blueprint. Plus, you'll have private "face time" with our team each week, where you get one-on-one private coaching and access to live "QA" sessions where you can learn from and with a small group of peers.

Let's face it, staying on top of the changing tides of SEO can be daunting (forget about implementation for a moment), so having our team of experts to provide clear direction is priceless.

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Learn to Deploy SEO on Your Site with Our Help

Week 1: (Kick-Off) Market Assessment, SEO Blueprint, and First Steps

  • Keyword and Market Analysis & Advanced SEO Blueprint <--(your mind=blown)
  • On-Page Site Audit & Remediation <--(we show you how to fix the glaring issues)
  • SEO Ultimate+ Set up <--(some very nuanced settings you likely missed)

Week 2: Website Silo Architecture

  • How to create and install silos to rank for the most profitable keywords <--(heart this part)
  • New content creation guidelines and planning <--(let's not make content harder than it has to be)
  • How to leverage legacy content with internal links <--(how to NOT blow your own foot off)

Week 3: Meta Titles and Descriptions and Legacy Content

  • Optimizing Meta Titles and Descriptions <--(because sometimes the obvious isn't)
  • Getting H1, H2 and page URLs to send a clear signal <--(there is power in theme alignment)
  • How to insert best supporting keywords into existing content<--(semantic relevance is big these days)

Week 4: Structured Data Markup

  • How to set up OpenGraph+ Module <--(, and Rich Snippets, and Twitter Cards... oh my!)
  • Using Open Graph and Twitter Cards to put your best foot forward <--(marketing and positioning tips)
  • Guidance on the content of your markup (keywords, images, descriptions).<--(more nerdy keyword/SEO stuff)

BONUS - Week 5: Off-Page SEO Tactics <--(your key to continuity)

  • Setting up auto-pilot Social and RSS syndication <--(bcuz Google trusts machine links)
  • Using 3rd Party sites (web2.0) to create trust and authority <--(trust and safety for your money site)
  • How to safely perform back linking campaigns to boost rankings <--(tactics we recommend)

SEO Design Solutions creates a custom SEO blueprint for your company and provides personalized SEO coaching and live support for you and your staff for the duration of the campaign. That means you'll have access to the same intelligence, strategies and tactics we've used to compete in some of the world's most competitive online markets. 

Large clients (gladly) pay many multiple times for just part of what you are getting in this package, and we don't even show them how it's done!

Your $2,500 buys you the most comprehensive insights for your market, expert training and advice and one-on-one coaching for 4 weeks... PLUS: a clear track to run on going forward.

Learn to Deploy SEO on Your Site with Our Help
No fee or obligation, just a phone call.
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